Collection of Information

Site Use

While you may provide information to us, we also track site visitor use of our website. We don’t attempt to identify individuals as part of regular business practice. However, the information recorded by our web server logs may be used by us or government agencies in the event of an investigation and in accordance with the New Zealand Privacy Act 2020.

When people visit our website, we record your visit to our web server and by using tools such as Google Analytics. The information collected includes (but is not limited to):

  • The IP or internet address of your computer, server and browser including location
  • The date, time and length of your visit
  • The pages you view and documents you download
  • The type of browser and screen resolution you use
  • The website you were visiting before arriving at LearningWorks’ website

Enrolment Information

LearningWorks collects and holds personal information about learners to comply with various statutes, including the Education and Training Act 2020 and the Public Finance Act 1989, and to enable LearningWorks to make decisions in relation to your study at LearningWorks.

Personal information collected from you during the enrolment process may be disclosed to staff - where relevant to their duties, and also where relevant to other agencies such as the Ministry of Education, New Zealand Qualifications Authority, Transitional Industry Training Organisations and other tertiary institutes.

Your name, date of birth and residency as entered on any enrolment form will also be included in the National Student Index and will be used in an Authorised Information Matching programme with the New Zealand Birth Register. For more information please visit the Ministry of Education website.

In addition, when required by law, LearningWorks will release information to government agencies such as the New Zealand Police and the Department of Justice.

If you have any questions or feedback about your web privacy, please email: